Monday, July 16, 2018

Body Painting Abstract Body Art

Today the beautiful Nikki came over to be painted. I went for abstract art on this one.

Body Painting My Second Full Head-to-Toe Camouflage of… Donuts!

Belle came over today to do a full head-to-toe camouflage body painting. I ordered an upholstery fabric online of some super colorful donuts and wanted to paint her into it.

Body Painting Multiple Unique Mandalas

Today I tried my hand at body painting not just one mandala but tons of them, just hours after I learned how to draw mandalas in the first place.
Body painting vintage blouse nude

Body Painting Vintage Blouses on Two Different Women

Today I body painted two women in an intimate setting, as if they were wearing cute vintage blouses/tops.
Camouflage body paint

Body Painting My Very First Full-Body Camouflage Art

For years I have wanted to try camouflaging someone using body paint, but it has seemed like a monumental task. But... I feel like I truly nailed my first attempt!
Body Painting Vintage Apron Bathing Suit

Body Painting a Vintage Apron… Errr… Bathing Suit

I did a body painting of a vintage apron/bathing suit on a nude model, and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

Face Painting Something (Anything) “Fantasy” – Contest #3 of 3 with a Friend

My good long-time friend Iggy was coming into town, and we had been talking about doing a Face Painting when she did. I was so glad she let me do this one on her...

The Octopus: My First Nude Upper Body Painting

On Facebook, I asked anyone if they would volunteer as modeling tribute. A fan of mine jumped on board and was up for letting me try my first nude upper body painting...

Painting the Severed Head – Contest #2 of 3 with a Friend

The second was the challenge of painting our necks as if our heads had been severed. This was the first paint I ever did on myself in a mirror, and it had its challenges and easiness.
Awesome Face Paint Amazing Abstract Art

Painting the Abstract Face – Contest #1 of 3 with a Friend

This amazing abstract face painting was actually a ton of fun, and I learned a lot in doing it. Mostly I learned how fun it is to paint someone you always have a blast with.

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