A complimentary tattoo for my little guy…


A couple weeks ago, a couple of my really good friends and I got similar tattoos of different robots that I drew…

Can you guess which one is mine? I’ll give you a hint. I don’t have red hair, and I’m not a female nurse.

Noah loved it when he saw it, and asked if I’d paint a similar tattoo on him.

Why, yes, kiddo. I will happily take another crack at the paints. I did this one totally free-handed after drawing it on my iPad first. Turned out pretty fun.

I found this to be quite a bit easier since the lines or so simple and thick.

Matching, for at least a few hours, was pretty fun.

There’s no doubt I need to order some finer-tipped paint brushes. It was hard to be super crisp without precision brushes.

Dan Pearce