Abstract Wrap-Around Triangles on the Beautiful Ashley


I haven’t body painted in over a year, and I couldn’t even tell you why. I’ve gone through a really tough time and a really tough relationship, and it just kind of never came together.

I really should have been body painting all along though. It’s such a beautiful escape and such a great mediation, it should have been a priority, not a last resort.

Anyway, I finally moved past the darkness and forced myself to body paint someone. Enter Ashley, an amazing 20-year-old model who wanted to body paint for the experience of it more than anything else.

She sent me a photo to do my concept work on. I was so out of practice that it wasn’t until the third iteration of conceptualizing that I finally decided on a style I wanted to try. This was what I came up with.

For speed’s sake, the black lines around each triangle only existed in the concept so that I could quickly fill each one with a different color. I knew I wanted to do this design with no black whatsoever, so I also practiced on my iPad before Ashley ever came over:

I knew this was going to be an extremely tricky body painting, even though it would look so simple, and I was right.

All those free-drawn straight lines on a curved body, while trying to never let the same color touch itself… It was just going to be tedious.

When Ashley arrived, she was much more petite than I expected. Because of that, and after seeing just how great the triangles looked without the drips, I decided to forgo the drip concept and just stick to the abstract triangles.

The whole thing took about seven hours. We were both very happy with how it turned out. Here are all the pics from the shoot that we did afterwards.

It healed me in ways that only art ever can, and of course it made me want to get right back to doing this a lot more often.

Dan Pearce | Body Painter