My Body and Face Painting Journey Begins… Right Here


Hey, I’m Dan Pearce.

You may know me from my blog and Facebook page “Single Dad Laughing.” It’s got a couple million subscribers now. Don’t ask me how that happened. Ha.

Anyway, I have been obsessed with body paint for years, but I haven’t ever actually tried it. My absolute favorite body artist… Chris Tracy. I mean, just look at how amazing his body art is. This is my favorite piece in existence.

Now, I may not know anything about body painting, but I’m no newbie artist, either. Once upon a time, I made my living as an artist. Here are just a couple things I’ve done…

Anyway, I’ve been obsessed with body painting for years. I’ve got a huge folder of it saved on my computer that I use as rotating backgrounds. It’s just such a fascinating art form.

One thing I love about body painting is that it’s temporary. I have no idea why I like the thought of that so much. I love that pretty much as soon as the art is done, it also disappears forever, with the exception of any photo or video that was taken of it. To give your everything to something that is so temporary? It almost make it more reverent. More special.

I never really thought about doing it myself. I’ve always just been an admirer. But then my friend Tilly started getting way into it, and I fell in love with what she was doing…

I’ve watched her face and body painting go from a’ight to straight-up AWESOME. In fact, I loved it so much, that I started a weekly (or so) feature on one of my websites where she picks a challenge from my readers, and goes for it. Check that out here.

Yes. She inspired me. I could do this. I could learn this. Why not?

I started by purchasing a couple hundred bucks worth of nice body painting supplies.

I created this blog because I’m very serious about learning how to do this, and I think it’s fun to watch the journey of a super-amateur to what will someday (hopefully) be super professional. This blog will be where I show you my latest, win or lose, conquer or fail, of all my face painting adventures.

This is my body and face painting journey. The journey of Dan Pearce.

I know that it’s going to start out rough. I know it’s going to be challenging, and that it’s going to push the way I look at using a brush. I know that what I share first is going to be worthy of a bunch of “nice try, Dan” comments, but not much else. I’m okay with that. Bring it. After all, it wouldn’t be a journey if I was already at the destination.

Anyway, my supplies are waiting for me. I think I’ll go try something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. Stay tuned.

Dan Pearce, Aspring Body and Face Painter