Saturday, January 6, 2018

Painting Noah as the Wolf He Has Always Loved

For Noah's very first actual face painting, I let him choose whatever he wanted, and he wanted the one animal he has always loved more than any other. The wolf.

A little swing and big miss.

I had this concept where I'd turn my hand into a beautiful peacock. It was a little swing. And a pretty big miss.

A complimentary tattoo for my little guy…

After my kiddo saw a recent tattoo I got with my friends, he wanted one of his own. Perfect time to practice a little more painting.

My first body painting: I may have been a bit ambitious on this one.

It was so easy on my iPad, but I would quickly learn that painting on the human body is so much more complicated, especially when choosing something that is very difficult to do.

My Body and Face Painting Journey Begins… Right Here

I have been obsessed with body paint for years, but I haven't ever actually tried it. I know that it's going to start out rough. I know it's going to be challenging. And I'm okay with that.

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