The Octopus: My First Nude Upper Body Painting


After sharing the severed head post on Facebook, I asked anyone if they would volunteer as modeling tribute. A fan of mine jumped on board and was up for letting me try my first nude upper body painting.

She sent me an image of herself topless, and I came up with this concept on my iPad.

A few days later, she was sitting in my kitchen and I had the privilege of using her body as a canvas to make my idea come to life.

The human body is so beautiful to me. Many people have nudged me and made jokes about painting boobs or whatever, but the reality is…

When my brush touches the water and dips into the paint, I go into a deep meditative place. There are no thoughts of sex or appropriateness. I see skin and I see a canvas, and I desire only to make the details come together.

I loved how it turned out. Much cooler than I anticipated. And it was as I stood back and looked at my finished work that I knew this was something I would want to do again, and again, and again.

Nude body painting octopus on bare breasts and stomach

Dan Pearce | Aspiring Body & Face Painter